Aleksey Dubinsky at Window Project

Artist: Aleksey Dubinsky

Exhibition title: Diaries. Eve’s Life and Other N

Venue: Window Project, Tbilisi, Georgia

Date: September 18 – Movember 21, 2021

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Window Project, Tbilisi

We live in a world of things and objects. We often scold our everyday routine and complain about the absence of great events in our life perceiving ourselves as small and insignificant.

We walk from one corner to another and curse a mediocre day we lived rapidly sinking to the bottom of our perception, depersonalizing the surrounding world, gradually erasing ourselves from this image. But often one just needs to rest his/her gaze at any small detail and see in it all the splendor of the world.

This series was inspired by the numerous sketches I collect as the travel notes and include in albums, photographs, and sometimes even little texts.

I try to find small, at the first glance inconspicuous details in everyday life and very often use these details, objects, characters, and spaces to assemble the plots, which are put together through applying of the collage method. Often these are entire scenes in their original form. But all my findings can also exist as separate independent images. In the given collection, I wanted to show exactly that moment when a small detail can tell its own story but can also exist in a context of a larger plot giving it a certain semantic coloring.

Here these plots are presented by the sketches to the series Life of Eve. These are the stories about Eve’s ordinary everyday routine and its moments. Eve is a personification of a human soul lost in the dimensions of everyday life but remaining as mysteriously attractive as she used to be at the very beginning of time. This is an attempt to look at life from the inside, to look at it with a pure gaze that sees the true beauty and magic of this world.

I try to look at life and the world around me from the point of view of simplicity of perception, but this simplicity also allows me to see what is hidden inside the world of things, objects, and typical events. When you build up a sincere relationship with the world and open yourself to it, it starts to reveal deep and eternal truths in its simplicity. The greatness of everyday life, the significance and magic of everyday life, which allows you to penetrate the boundless vastness of the universe through the keyhole.