+1 at Sarieva

Artists: Sophia Grancharova, Dimitar Genchev, Velizar Dimchev

Exhibition title: +1

Venue: Sarieva, Plovidv, Bulgaria

Date: April 15, 2023

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Sarieva, Plovidv

+1 is a temporary project by Sarieva/Gallery, located next to the physical gallery space in Plovdiv. Its program showcases artworks and artistic positions in a shared environment. The aim is to emphasize visual and aesthetic perception instead of conceptual or exhibition framework. The title of the project refers to the guest lists, where the name of the invited person is mentioned and the accompanying person is marked with +1.

The first presentation includes works by Sophia Grancharova (b. 1994), Dimitar Genchev (b. 1985) and Velizar Dimchev (b. 1983). These pieces are united by the quotation, in-depth approach, the close-up, the narrative and the correction. The three young artists have worked with Sarieva/Gallery on a variety of projects, events and exhibitions.

Dimitar Genchev (b.1985 in Bulgaria) lives and works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He received his education from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, and participated in the residency programme at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. His works have been exhibited in Museum De Domijnen Hedendaagse Kunst, Sittard, the Netherlands, Sofia City Art Gallery, the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, Kaskadenkondensator, LISTE international contemporary art fair in Basel and Gerhard Hofland gallery in Amsterdam, among many other spaces. Over the past five years Genchev has received awards and scholarships from the Mondriaan Fund foundation, awards for painting: the Buning Brongers Award in the Netherlands, the national competition of Allianz Bulgaria for painting and sculpture for young Bulgarian artists, and the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award. In 2016, Genchev’s paintings were selected by curator Noor Mertens for participation in the Perspectives and Concepts exhibition, part of Art Rotterdam. His works were exhibited in the exhibitions Listen to Us – Artistic Intelligence – works from the Deutsche Telecom collection, BACKGROUND: Young Artists from Plovdiv, organised by Sariev Gallery, and Object Love, displayed at Morsbroch Museum in Leverkusen, Germany.

Sophia Grancharova (b. 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria) studied fine arts at ESAM Caen, France. She has participated in many group exhibitions, educational initiatives, and her own curatorial projects. Member of the Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia and the Justice for All Initiative. Her work comes in the form of limited editions of artist’s books, performances, photography, collage, installations and site-specific interventions.

Velizar Dimchev (b.1983 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria) he graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia in the class of prof. Andrej Daniel in 2007. Over the years Velizar has been actively working in various fields of contemporary art such as: painting, installation, objects, photography, etc. Some of his solo shows include. Some of his solo shows include “BELCANTO” – FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion, (2021), “Never Ending Fun” – Cu29 Gallery, Plovdiv (2019); “Franky’s World” – The Book Club – London (2014); “Naked Eye” – UniCredit Studio – Sofia (2014) “Franky reality project” – Interactive installation, Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv (2011), etc. Among his participation in group exhibitions, competitions and curatorial projects can be highlighted: “New Plovdiv Realism” curatorial project by Pravdolyub Ivanov (2022), “FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE – PHASE II On vacation…” by Vesselina Sarieva September – October (2021), BACKGROUND: Young Artists from Plovdiv – Curated by Sarieva / Gallery – Plovdiv (2019), “Generation between Enthusiasm and Destruction”, curatorial project by Albena Mihaylova-Benji, presented by AM Contemporary as special guest of LISTE, Art Fair Basel (2019), Dimchev is nominated for the Gaudenz B. Ruf. prize in 2010, and in 2013 he was awarded the special prize of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation. His exhibitions have been presented at various festivals and events in Bulgaria such as One Design Week – Sofia, Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv and CONTEMPO Festival – Varna