Basim Magdy at The Green Parrot

August 1st, 2015|

Artist: Basim Magdy

Exhibition title: The Relentless Repetition of Reality

Curated by: Rosa Lléo and João Laia

Venue: The Green Parrot, Barcelona, Spain

Date: June 5 – September 18, 2015

Photography: Roberto […]

AXOLOTLISM at Nogueras Blanchard

June 15th, 2015|

Artists: Oreet Ashery, Jacopo Miliani, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Zin Taylor, Wu Tsang

Exhibition title:  AXOLOTLISM

Curated by: Sabel Gavaldon

Venue:  Nogueras Blanchard, Madrid, Spain

Date:  May 23 – July 25, 2015

Photography: Roberto Ruiz […]

Ernesto Burgos at The Goma

June 8th, 2015|

Artist: Ernesto Burgos

Exhibition title:  Without Isolating Themes

Venue:  The Goma, Madrid, Spain

Date:  May 23 – July 11, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and The Goma, Madrid

While in his […]

Oriol Vilanova at The Green Parrot

June 4th, 2015|

Artist: Oriol Vilanova

Exhibition title:  To be precise

Curated by: Rosa Lleó and Joâo Laia, The Green Parrot

Venue:  The Green Parrot, Barcelona, Spain

Date:  April 29 – July 31, […]

El buen caligrama at The Goma

April 13th, 2015|

Artists: Alain Arias-Misson, Detanico e Lain, Musa paradisiaca, Los Torreznos

Exhibition title: El buen caligrama

Curated by: Bruno Leitão

Venue:  The Goma, Madrid, Spain

Date:  March 14 – May 16, […]

Karlos Gil at García Galería

March 3rd, 2015|

Artist: Karlos Gil

Exhibition title:  Sub Rosa

Venue: García Galería, Madrid, Spain

Date:  January 24 – March 27, 2015

Photography: Courtesy of the artist and García Galería

In his upcoming exhibition at […]

Enrique Radigales at The Goma

February 7th, 2015|

Artist: Enrique  Radigales

Exhibition title: PINTURA P1N7UR4

Venue:  The Goma, Madrid, Spain

Date:  January 15 – March 7, 2015

Photography: Courtesy of The Goma

One can imagine a dystopia where the digital promise of […]

André Romão at The Green Parrot

January 21st, 2015|

Artist: André Romão

Exhibition title: Iron, Flesh, Abstraction

Curated by: Rosa Lleó and João Laia. The Green Parrot

Venue: The Green Parrot, Barcelona, Spain

Date: January 16 – April 17, 2015

Photography: […]

Present Perfect at The Goma

December 7th, 2014|

Artists: Javier Arce, Timothy Hull, Sanya Kantarovsky, Will Rogan, Ángel de la Rubia

Exhibition title: Present Perfect

Curated by: Andrea Hill

Venue: The Goma, Madrid, Spain

Date: November 6 – […]

Wild Things at The Green Parrot

November 6th, 2014|

Artists: June Crespo, Patrick Hough, Anna Franceschini

Exhibition title: Wild Things

Curated by: João Laia and Rosa Lléo

Venue: The Green Parrot, Barcelona, Spain

Date: October 10 – December 19, […]

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